Installing FSL on Ubuntu 14.04 without overwriting torque

I have installed Torque on our cluster, and we had decided to build this from source as the maintained version was a bit old.

However, when I went to install fsl-5.0-complete from the NeuroDebian Repository, it was trying to reinstall libtorque2 (since the version I installed manually wasn’t showing up int the apt database.)

This tutorial was helpful:

To avoid this conflict, I used the “equivs” packages, which I installed from the repository.

First step:

Double check what version of torque it was trying to install.

apt-cache show libtorque2

Package: libtorque2
Priority: optional
Version: 2.4.16+dfsg-1.3ubuntu1

Needed to figure out which version of libtorque2 it was trying to install, so that the fake package I create at least has a higher version number


equivs-control libtorque2.control
 Then with my favorite text editor( nano), I edited the created template
My file looked like this:
 dgutman@oppenheimer:~$ cat libtorque2.control
 ### Commented entries have reasonable defaults.
 ### Uncomment to edit them.
 # Source: 
 Section: misc
 Priority: optional
 # Homepage: 
 Standards-Version: 3.9.2
Package: libtorque2
 Version: 4.0
 Maintainer: D Gutman Manual Override
 # Pre-Depends: 
 # Depends: 
 # Recommends: 
 # Suggests: 
 # Provides: 
 # Replaces: 
 Architecture: all
 # Copyright: 
 # Changelog: 
 # Readme: 
 # Extra-Files: 
 # Files:  # 
 Description: This serves as a placeholder for torque and openmpi as they were installed from source

once I finished editing that file, I did

equivs-build libtorque2.control
and then

 sudo dpkg -i libopenmpi1.6_4.0_all.deb

(Since I made up 4.0 as my version number above)

I did the same thing for libopenmpi1.6, and then finally installed fsl-5.0-complete